Welcome to the Cardiac Challenge Riders page! Here, you’ll find everything you need to get started and stay informed. Whether you’re joining us for the first time or you’re a seasoned participant, this page is your go-to resource for the event. Sign up, explore, and get ready to contribute to this amazing cause!




$380 (until May 31)

$420 (from June 1)


14 – 16 YEARS





Every cyclist who undertakes the Cardiac Challenge must pay a registration fee for participating in the event. Registration for the 2024 event (September 14-16) is open.

All Registrations Close: July 31, 2024
Riders must register online. Click on the “Register” button on the top of any page of this website, if you are ready to sign up!

*No “early bird” discounts apply to child registration fees.

Note: Riders under 18 years of age at the time of the event require written consent from a parent/guardian, in order to participate. They must also be accompanied by an adult during the three-day journey.

What does my fee cover?

The registration fee covers meals, rider support and safety services, and other operational costs associated with running such a major event. Each cyclist also will receive an official Cardiac Challenge 2024 rider’s jersey.

Fundraising commitment

The Cardiac Challenge is a charity fundraising event. Therefore, in addition to paying the registration fee, every rider who signs up for the Cardiac Challenge must agree to raise a minimum of $500 for the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation.
In order to assist riders in their fundraising efforts, each will automatically receive an online fundraising webpage as a part of the registration process for the event (whether they register as an individual or as a part of a team).
The Hospital Foundation has set a fundraising target of $400,000 for the 2024 Cardiac Challenge.
All funds raised by this event will be devoted to improving health care services in Far North Queensland.
For tips and ideas on how to fundraise, visit the “Fundraising” section.
Note: Riders who fail to raise the minimum sum required ($500) before the start date for the 2024 Cardiac Challenge (September 14), will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Local training sessions

The Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation is passionate about encouraging people to ride bicycles – not just during the three-day Cardiac Challenge, but all year round!
Cycling is a great way to get fit and stay fit. It exercises lots of muscles – including your heart. (That’s one of the reasons why so many doctors and nurses in the Cardiac Care Unit at Cairns Hospital ride bikes themselves and take part in the Challenge every year!)
“Sea Breeze” Sunday morning rides
If you live in the Cairns area and would like to develop your bike riding skills and/or enjoy meeting some other cyclists, we suggest you join one of our regular Sunday morning rides, which depart from the Esplanade, opposite  Sea Breeze Café at Cairns Hospital, at 6.30am.
The emphasis is on enjoying a ride with like-minded souls – not rehearsing for the Tour de France! 
We generally travel 50 to 60km and form different speed groups: you choose how much or how little you want to do.
We will support you, no matter what your level of cycling ability: offer advice about riding techniques and help you sort out any mechanical issues, if we can. Let us know if you need help and we’ll look after you!
If you wish to “push the envelope” a bit more, we can also suggest alternative ride routes and help you make contact with other cyclists, so you can ride with people who share a similar riding capacity.
Depending on the chosen route, the Sunday rides finish between 9.30am and 10am, and all the riders meet up at a local eaterie for breakfast and a chat.
Are you interested in checking out the Sunday Sea Breeze rides? Follow this link Cardiac Challenge Facebook Page to view the ride calendar, ride maps and details about other events and activities we are planning this year.
Other rides

She Spokes
The She Spokes women meet on Thursdays from 5.30am, with different riding groups for different ability levels. Check out their Facebook group HERE for further information.

On the Roads
  • The Cardiac Challenge is not a race.
  • For much of the event, you will ride in pack formation (as a legal requirement for our ride permit)
  • You will be assigned to a specific pack before the event, based on your nominated average speed capacity. (Details will be emailed to you.) Try to get to know the other members of your pack prior to the ride (if you can). Facebook groups will be established for each pack, once packs are determined by our ride director and you will be invited to join the group you have been assigned to. This is a great way to get to know your pack and pack leaders before the event.
  • On the second and third day of the Challenge, when riders are on quieter roads, some pack changes may be permissible, depending on numbers.
  • Two pack leaders will be assigned to each pack. They will maintain contact with the official escort vehicles and police which accompany the packs for safety and support purposes.
  • You will ride on public roads used by other traffic, so normal road rules apply. For example:
    • you must move to the left to allow vehicles to overtake;
    • ride in single file where appropriate;
    • no more than two abreast at any time.
  • Be aware of fellow riders and other traffic. Be predictable. Indicate and call out your intention to slow down, stop or change direction
  • You must ride in a safe, responsible and courteous manner, and obey the directions of event officials and pack leaders at all times
  • Support vehicles are NOT allowed to closely follow riders, join them at drink stops or drive repeatedly past the ride packs in order to take photos/film footage. This behaviour could jeopardise the safety of everyone. Unless support vehicles are required to provide their riders with a lift up steep roads (such as the Kuranda Range), they should drive directly to the designated lunch stop, then on to the dinner/camp site.
  • Drink stops will be stationed at 20km intervals along the ride route.
  • Escort vehicles carry emergency  water supplies.
  • It is the camaraderie and support of other riders that will motivate you to keep going when you are feeling tired, irritable or sore.
  • The Cardiac Challenge proceeds in all weather – rain or shine. (But you won’t have to worry about cyclones, as September is outside the cyclone season!)

There is limited accommodation at Mt Carbine and Lakeland, however there are a number of accommodation options in Cooktown. We have exclusive access to campgrounds at Mt Carbine, Lakeland and the school grounds at Cooktown. If you decide to camp, and are unsupported, we will take your camping equipment and luggage in our transport trucks for the duration of the event. 

What to Take?

The Cardiac Challenge is a sporting adventure, not a luxury cruise, so keep it simple!

Here is a list of the basics:

  • bike (well-maintained)
  • bike helmet
  • spare bike parts (including spokes)
  • comfortable cycling gear, including your official Cardiac Challenge jersey (supplied)
  • water bottles (or camelbak)
  • sunscreen/sun hat
  • energy-boosting snack foods
  • fold-up chair
  • tent and sleeping gear (if camping)
  • toiletries
  • personal medical supplies (including pain killers and lubricant!)
  • “aprez-ride” clothing and spending money

a sense of humour and team spirit! 😉

Prep & Training

Preparing for the Ride
To gain maximum enjoyment from participating in the Cardiac Challenge, riders should undertake some basic preparations in advance: get your body and your bike into shape!
Your body
Any reasonably fit person should be able to enjoy the ride, but cycling, like all other aerobic activities, uses specific muscles. While you may feel fit, because you walk, jog or run on a regular basis, if you suddenly start pedaling long distances you will rapidly – and painfully – discover muscles you did not realise you had!
You will need to gradually build up your general level of “cycling fitness” to enable you to comfortably cover the distance required each day.
The training program outlined below should help.* But remember, you don’t have to go overboard! Start with rides maintaining a steady pace and a high cadence. (About 80-100 rotations per minute is best.) It is actually more efficient to spin those legs, rather than push hard.
Just do what you can and try to maintain a regular cycling schedule.
*This program assumes you are starting from zero, cycling-wise. If you already cycle regularly, simply begin the program at the point where you feel most comfortable and then start to push beyond your comfort zone!

Your Bike

A comfortable bicycle that is suitable for sealed roads is your best choice for tackling the 333km ride.

If you own a mountain bike, we recommend you have “slick” tyres fitted for the ride. This will reduce your “rolling resistance” and make the whole event much easier.

You should also remember to:

  1. Take your bike to a bike shop for a service at least a month before the ride. (If you live in the Cairns region, don’t forget to book it in advance, as the local bike shops are very busy prior to the Cardiac Challenge!
  2. Ensure your bike is in a comfortable and efficient riding position. If it is adjusted to suit your particular body size and shape, you will feel more relaxed and able to ride longer distances with less effort. Your local bike shop should be able to help you set up your bike correctly.
  3. Make sure you check your shoes, cleats and bike set up including handlebars, seat and tyres, before the ride. And don’t forget your brakes!

Ensure you have a good grasp of basic bike maintenance, including how to change tyres!

Training program

*This program assumes you are starting from zero, cycling-wise. If you already cycle regularly, simply begin the program at the point where you feel most comfortable and then start to push beyond your comfort zone!

Week Number of riding days Consecutive riding days Longest
ride (km)
Other rides (km) Difficulty
1 3 2 20 10-15 Start easy, on flat terrain, while your bike and your body adjust to each other.
2 4 3 30 15-20 Start to introduce some hills
3 4 3 40 15-20 Try to tackle two hilly rides
4 5 3 50 15-20 Make one of the shorter rides a big hill climb – e.g. a one-kilometre climb without a break.
5 4 3 60 30-40 Include hills in all your rides, apart from one easy recovery ride. Try doing a decent hill climb twice during the early stage of a longer ride.
6 3 2 70 30-50 Include a one kilometre climb in your ride – Copperlode!
7 3 2 80 40-50 Include a one kilometre climb twice during your ride.
8 3 2 80 40-50 Now you’re ready for the Cardiac Challenge!
Cancellation Policy

A registered rider who wishes to cancel their registration for the 2024 Cardiac Challenge and withdraw from the event, will have their registration fee converted to a donation, and will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt. If you wish to withdraw from the event, please email Glenys at fundraising@fnqhf.org.au.

Note: Any money raised by a rider as part of their fundraising commitment to the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation will not be refunded, as it has been raised on the behalf of the Foundation.


Full Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and condition of entry to the 2024 QSuper Cardiac Challenge (“the event”) September 14-16, 2024.

The terms are not negotiable and by entering the event via on-line registration and paying the registration fee, you are hereby acknowledging your acceptance of the terms and conditions. (For participants under 18, a parent or guardian accepts the terms by completing the registration.)

I commit to fundraising the designated minimum fundraising ($500.00 for riders $100.00 for Adult support crew) in donations as part of my participation in the 2024 QSuper Cardiac Challenge. I understand I will not be permitted to start the event unless I can demonstrate the donations or meet any shortfall in funds raised. Each participant will automatically receive an online fundraising webpage as part of the registration process either as an individual or as part of a team.
By participating, I acknowledge that cycling activities are dangerous recreational activities and that participating involves inherent risks and hazards including group / pack riding/ free riding arrangements.
I understand the ride is not a race and is conducted on public roads used by other traffic and that the roads will not be closed to traffic.
I agree to abide by the Queensland Road Rules and to follow any directions given by the Queensland Police, Ride Director or Ride Authorities.
I will ensure I am competent to take part in the ride, that my bicycle is mechanically sound and recently serviced and that I will wear an approved bicycle helmet and ride identification as required.
I am in good health and physically capable of participating in the ride. I do not have any medical conditions that may affect my own safety or the safety of anyone involved in the event.

QSuper Cardiac Challenge 2024 Handbook

Please check back closer to the event for a copy of the 2024 Handbook.