Clocking up 100,000km on your bicycle is an almost unheard-of feat.
Not so for QSuper Cardiac Challenge instigator Pete McNally who has just achieved that feat in just over six years on his Specialised S Works MTB.
“People say to me that I must be due a new bike, but I like the 2 x 10 configuration and with a 38-tooth chain ring, I can still ride with some road riders to their amazement,” Mr McNally, aged 71, said.
Brad Shannon, co-owner of Pump ‘n’ Pedals where Mr McNally bought the bike, said there were several reasons for the 100,000km accomplishment.
“Firstly, Pete bought a very good quality bike, but he also maintains it extremely well and really, no one keeps records like Pete,” Mr Shannon laughed.
“Most people would clock up 5000km or 10,000km a year on their bike so Pete’s accomplishment is quite a record,” he said.
On his fourth Garmin computer and due to the volume of data and incompatibility between computers as well as being a little technically challenged, Mr McNally has relied on scrupulously keeping manual records to maintain his tally.
People often say to Mr McNally: “we always see you out on the bike – rain, cyclone or shine”.
A history of congenital heart issues, open heart surgery to repair a hole in the heart at age 53 and subsequent cardiac ablation treatment intervention to manage cardiac arrhythmias is his motivation to ride, most days. His current tally is having ridden more than 200 consecutive days, with only one day off for the return from the QSuper Cardiac Challenge last year.
He tries to impart his inspiration to others, encouraging “newbies” to connect with their bike and fall in love with riding, as well as talking to cardiac rehabilitation patients about the importance of being active after their cardiac episode.
Registrations are now open for the 2021 QSuper Cardiac Challenge. Visit for more information.