INSPIRED by her grandfather two years ago, 13-year-old Willow Footer is riding from Cairns to her hometown Cooktown in this weekend’s QSuper Cardiac Challenge.

“I am doing the QSuper Cardiac Challenge because in 2019 I watched my grandad Kevin Tomlinson and the many others complete their ride down the main street of Cooktown. They all really inspired me and I thought it was for such a great cause so I decided I would do it this year,” Miss Footer said.

This year’s QSuper Cardiac Challenge is the first cycling event she has ever participated in. “Training has been extremely challenging at times but it has also been extra rewarding.

“My family are very supportive and proud of how dedicated I am.”

Willow is riding with the Cooktown Cyclones team, comprised of fellow riders, Amy Meyer, Kate Smith, Dale Tan, Janet Mead and Melony Heaver.

“I would also like to say a massive thank you to Dale Tan, Rebecca Buldo and Amy Meyer as well and my mother Aly Lee, all of these who have really supported my decision and helped me massively throughout all of my Cardiac Challenge and they have helped me so much.

People can donate to Willow at: or the Cooktown Cyclones at

Funds raised from this year’s QSuper Cardiac Challenge will go towards a ventilator for cardiology, a lung function testing system and an endobronchial ultrasound system for respiratory.

Hosted by the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation, the QSuper Cardiac Challenge results in the Far North Queensland community rallying together to ride the 333km from Cairns to Cooktown each September.

Foundation CEO Tony Williamson said Willow’s efforts were inspirational for a young person. “It’s great to see that a young person like this has been inspired by what she saw in 2019 and she’s getting on her bike to have a go.

QSuper Chief Executive Officer Michael Pennisi said “QSuper is committed to investing in initiatives which create long-term benefits for Queenslanders. QSuper looks after the retirement savings of many Department of Health employees in the state’s far north and we are proud to support an initiative that helps our members working in cardiac health provide state-of-the-art care for their patients.”

Mr Williamson said “We have absolutely loved working with QSuper, their team is very engaged and they really understand what we are about. Working together with them on our common goals has been incredibly rewarding and we are very grateful for their ongoing support.”

  • Visit This year’s ride is from September 25-27.

 About the QSuper Cardiac Challenge
The QSuper Cardiac Challenge is an annual fundraising bike ride from Cairns to Cooktown, hosted by the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation. 2021 will be the 15th time the Cardiac Challenge bike ride has been held, with more than $4 million raised for cardiac services by the Foundation, in that time.

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