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Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan

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Why I'm participating:

Every year I support the riders on this epic challenge as their Medic. I am not a bike rider - I am a long-distance runner, a mum of 4 and a Nurse. But this year I am going to become a cyclist and ride 320km to Cooktown because I believe in this cause....and because I can't sit in my comfortable Medic Chair Sipping Mount Franklin ice cold water while others sweat, and chafe forever. And yes, probably because I am a little crazy. But seriously, as my job in the Cardiac Care Unit I see firsthand the effects of heart disease. It is the great leveller - people from all walks of life - and it can be the silent killer. More and more I see my patients ages reflect my own - and I'm only young (relatively) early 40's. I work for an absolutely amazing service that supports Heart patients not only in Cairns but all over our remote Cape York - and South to Innisfail and beyond. There is an ever-increasing need and pressure on this service - and money raised for this challenge goes a long way to meeting this need, but there is so much more we require. Our service plans to open another Catheter Lab - a place where our talented Docs and Nurses place devices in Heart attack patient’s arteries to return flow to heart muscle - to save lives, to accommodate the number of patients. I work with a team that is passionate about this cause - the same doctors and nurses that you will meet as a patient are the ones putting on the lycra and riding for this cause (trust me they look better in their uniforms). Thats dedication! That is what we do. Please support my effort - this may be the last thing I do on Earth...(320km! on a BIKE plus ALL the months of training... aghh) ..more importantly help us make a difference to people of North Queensland. Thank you so much xo

My Sponsors:

Paula Ikin
extremely proud of your efforts, enjoy the ride :)
Hope you have the pizza delivery already ordered ;-)
Jen H
Go my lovely!!!! Ride like the wind!!! So proud of you xoxo
Lilly Bird Creates
Easter Bunny Sale
Gary Vladich
Good Luck
La La
Keep going Mumma Bear ??
Jimmy and Julie Northers
Great cause Anne, best of luck! JJE
Uncle Chris
Go Girl!! :)
Gayle @ family
Good luck will be a tough ride
Good luck with the ride! That's one numb bum. Great cause though.
Sheila Ryan
Allan and Liz Platz

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